Environment Licencing Forms (ELF)

ELF is your single access point for all matters relating to Environment Authorisations.

The following options are available to you:

Under the Environment Protection Act 1993, the EPA administers 3 types of authorisations: Licences, Exemptions and Works approvals.

The EPA has statutory timeframes in which to issue an Environmental Authorisation. You may request a certain date for the authorisation to commence, however while the EPA will endeavour to meet your requirement, the issue of the authorisation is dependant on the complexity of the application.

Payment of an application fee is required at time of lodgement of a Licence, Exemption or Works Approval application.

Environmental authorisations contain conditions to minimise harm to people and the environment. These may include requirements to prevent pollution, undertake environmental monitoring and provide particular reports to the EPA.

An approval is required for most beverages sold in South Australia and is required before beverages are sold or distributed.

An approval is required if you intend to operate as a collection depot for the acceptance of empty beverage containers for refund.

When applying for a new Authorisation, the first page of the application on ELF requires the Application Contact to complete details, including an email address.

Once you have submitted (Create Account) this information to ELF, the screen will display your Application Reference and Temporary Password. This information will also be emailed to the ‘Application Contact’ email address provided. This Application Reference and Temporary Password will enable the application to be part completed, leave the application (eg to obtain documents which are required to be attached as part of your application) and return at a later time to complete the application.

Requires Customer Number and Invoice Number (shown on EPA Invoice). Full amount of the invoice must be paid.

MasterCard VisaCard AMEX

Accepted Credit Cards

Upon issuance of your Authorisation, the EPA provides a username and password which will enable you to manage, online various aspects of your Authorisation.

Login to access your existing Authorisation for;
  • Change of contact
  • Change of address
  • Add site or activity
  • Change of vehicle
  • Change of process emissions or waste
  • Alterations to plant and equipment
  • Complete annual return or renewal
  • Lodge earthworks drainage and/or dredging notifications and registers
  • Apply to surrender your Authorisation or
  • Submit waste returns

If you wish to complete a paper based application form, then follow the Payment and Forms link.