EPA Authorisations


The EPA issues licences for businesses that undertakes a ‘Prescribed Activity of Environmental Significance’, which are those activities with the potential to pose an environmental risk. Licences can be issued to companies or to individuals. Further information about the activities that require a licence can be found in Schedule 1 of the Environment Protection Act 1993.

Licences contain conditions that relate to the activities being undertaken to minimise or prevent pollution and environmental harm. More information about Licences.

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A business may apply to the EPA for an Exemption, when in certain circumstances, they are unable to comply with the Environment Protection Act 1993. The Exemption may be issued for a set period of time with special conditions. More information about Exemptions.

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Works Approvals

A Works Approval may be required when a business constructs or alter a building or structure that is intended to be used for an EPA licensed activity. A Works Approval is not required if a relevant development approval is required from a local planning authority. More information about Works Approvals.

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